When I first arrived at the Training Center I was an angry and bitter man. Robert was open and authentic with his life story, which gave me hope. – Edgar Rodriguez (Colleague)

Due to bad choices and a life of addiction I  ended up at Teen Challenge where Robert Diaz served as my counselor. He  mentored me and took me under his wing in the music ministry. After leaving Teen Challenge, he personally helped me enter a half-way where I am continuing my walk in freedom. – Cason Brown (Former Student)

I met Robert at Teen Challenge as a counselor and leader of the hip hop music ministry there. He paved a way for me as a graduate student to go to college for professional counseling and become an assistant counselor. His hard work and dedication has made a major impact in my life and for that I am thankful. – Justin Drish (Colleague)

I just want to say that was an awesome presentation. Time defiantly well spent. – Hunter Goodhart (Student, Northampton Community College)

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